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Kind and Generous

This is my very last blog post for the 2012 Slim Down Showdown!  In this Vlog, I thank YOU and all the other people that have supported me through this contest.  Thank you, WordPress Blogosphere, for reading and sharing my blogs! The blog officially closes on Sunday, September 30th at Midnight.  If you have any … Continue reading

The scariest word

In today’s video blog, I open up about why I was so inspired to enter this weight loss contest.  You see, I had kidney cancer.  The contest ends soon.  Blogs close down to all comments on Saturday 9/29 at midnight.  All comments, social media shares, “Likes” on WordPress and Presses earn me one point towards … Continue reading

The Middle Path

It’s hard to believe we have only 10 days left in the blogging portion of the contest!  Only 10 days left for our readers to leave comments, “Like” on WordPress, share to social media, or Press.  Each of these things earn us points towards winning the 2012 Slim Down Showdown.  So if you read this … Continue reading

Balancing Act

Well, I only have 8 more blogs in H-E-B’s Slim Down Showdown Challenge.  Winners are determined by improved over-all health metrics, and blog “likes”, social media shares, followers, and comments.  In this blog, I talk about eating healthy is not about being perfect.  It is not about being hard-core, and kicking yourself for “cheating.”  It’s … Continue reading

Open mouth- insert FOOD

In today’s blog, I uncover information about emotional eating, compulsive overeating, and food addiction.  Why do we do it?  How do we gain control over it?  Please comment on the blog, share to social media, or “Like” on WordPress to help me win the 2012 Healthy at H-E-B Slim Down Showdown Contest.  Open mouth- insert … Continue reading

The Fitness Game

We have a few weeks left in H-E-B’s Slim Down Showdown Challenge.  Part of the contest involves getting the most comments, “Likes” and social media shares on the blog linked below.  On today’s blog, I took some inspiration from Pinterest, and created a little game to help me get more exercise in my day, AND … Continue reading

Sheila’s Slim Down Showdown Review REVUE

This blog chronicles what I’ve learned in the last three months about healthy weight loss and fitness, with links to every blog I’ve written about it.  In story form!  Four weeks left in this contest.  You can earn me a point by every comment, “Like” and social media share.  Thanks for your support!  Sheila’s Slim … Continue reading

Get snacking!

One of the keys to healthy weight loss is to snack several times a day.  Snacks with protein, fiber and healthy fats prevent you from getting too hungry and overeating at meals.  This blog has a video demonstration of three quick and healthy snacks.  Get snacking!.

Create Time

Do you ever catch yourself saying “I don’t have enough time.”  Especially when it comes to exercise, nutrition, or doing things you really enjoy.  Then check out my blog Create Time.  Comment on the blog itself or share to social media to help me win the H-E-B Sim Down Showdown contest.  Only four weeks left! 🙂 … Continue reading