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The scariest word

In today’s video blog, I open up about why I was so inspired to enter this weight loss contest.  You see, I had kidney cancer.  The contest ends soon.  Blogs close down to all comments on Saturday 9/29 at midnight.  All comments, social media shares, “Likes” on WordPress and Presses earn me one point towards … Continue reading

The Middle Path

It’s hard to believe we have only 10 days left in the blogging portion of the contest!  Only 10 days left for our readers to leave comments, “Like” on WordPress, share to social media, or Press.  Each of these things earn us points towards winning the 2012 Slim Down Showdown.  So if you read this … Continue reading

Balancing Act

Well, I only have 8 more blogs in H-E-B’s Slim Down Showdown Challenge.  Winners are determined by improved over-all health metrics, and blog “likes”, social media shares, followers, and comments.  In this blog, I talk about eating healthy is not about being perfect.  It is not about being hard-core, and kicking yourself for “cheating.”  It’s … Continue reading

Get movin’ with me in Marble Falls this week!

Well, we only have three weeks left in the Slim Down Showdown!  In order to get people moving in my community, I’ve come up with some free events.  I’m teaching free yoga twice this week, and we’ll be leading a community walk every week.  Help me earn points to win this Healthy Lifestyle Challenge by … Continue reading